ACG: What Patients Need to Know Re: New Study Linking PPIs to Dementia

A recent study plublished  by a German Health Plan suggested an association between Proton Pump Inhibitor use and dementia in the elderly.  The following statement was released by Anerican College of Gastroenterology President Kenneth R DeVault MD FACG,  “We appreciate and respect the data in the study, but believe more research is needed to understand the impact of PPIs on cognitive function, especially since studies of this type do not control for diet or lifestyle factors, nor do they establish causation. The study authors noted that this analysis of administrative data from the health plan in Germany can only provide a statistical association between PPI prescription and occurence of dementia and does not prove that PPIs caused dementia.  They further recognized that in order to evaluate the cause and effect relationship in the elderly more research in the form of randomized prospective clinical trials are needed.”

In light of this study, along with other recent studies suggesting complications with long-term PPI use, The ACG urges patients to discuss the use of PPIs and any other medications with their healthcare provider.  Dr. Elliot Heller on behalf of the physician staff at Digistive Disease Associates of Rockland noted that any patients who have any concerns about continue use of PPIs should contact us and/or set up a follow-up appointment.  He further commented that any patient with serious esophageal disorders should consult with us before stopping their medication or changing the dose.


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